CEO Message

I bring warm greetings to you from Ethix. We have evolved as a people centered organization by focusing on manufacturing and marketing of Top Quality HealthCare Products. We have established our leadership in the market by leveraging our core strength of Quality in Manufacturing & Ethics in Marketing.

Globalization has opened up new opportunities and we from Ethix entered into the Global market with India's inherent strengths of Unique Ayurveda Products. We do not just sell the medicines but offer caring beyond cure. We are driven Our motto “Top Quality life-saving drugs at an affordable price”.

We benchmark ourselves against WHO-GMP [Good Manufacturing Practices]. Our objective is to build a strong ethical marketing base showing our presence in GLOBAL MARKET and to be counted among top 5 Pharmaceutical Companies.

We are expanding our business by introducing South Indian Coffee house, a chain of traditional south indian coffee shops nationwide. We are manufacturers of 100 percent pure coffee powder to create a monopoly and a standardized aroma and taste. We at Ethix Group promise to contribute to the society by nurturing a vibrant business opportunities with a human face, known for its quality of products, customer focus, people-oriented management and doing business with conscience. Our business growth can be measured with our corporate social responsibility activities and I can be proud to say that we have earned a huge ASSET thru Ethix. Yes our assets are happy customers, employees, investors and consumers.

Our vision is to provide the best of coffee in market affordable quality.

To create an extraordinary Coffee experience in the most inviting stores with top quality raw materials and products.